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                        By Diana Knudson        October, 2016

New state standards have been adopted by the Board of Public Education.  We now have new Arts Standards, Health and PE Standards, and Science Standards.  I would suggest that you go to OPI to get copies of those new standards to guide your instruction until we can get the curriculum aligned to them.  When we revised science last time, we had training from OPI and did use the Next Generation Science Standards to help us revise.  The new state standards are based on those.  Go to OPI’s website (  Click on Teaching and Assessment and then on Academic Standards if you want to look at them or make a copy. 


We extended our New Teacher Orientation to three days this year.  We had the second one in September.  I am so impressed by the energy and creativity from this group.  Many of our schools have great additions to their staff.


Our Fall Leadership meeting in September for superintendents and principals was well-attended.  Interested and knowledgeable, this group had great comments and thoughtful ideas.  They are so supportive of the GTCC but always have ideas that help me change small things that make a Big difference.


Remember we do start our five-year revision of math and reading this year.  Those are content areas that affect just about everyone.  We can use all the help that you can add.  Check with your administrator if you want to be on a committee but have not yet been contacted.


Let’s have a contest for October.  The winner for September is Amanda Alder, Valier Public Schools.  Just email your name to Brianna after reading the Golden Apple and your name will go in the hat for a $100 gift card.  See you next month.





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Upcoming Committee Meetings & Events... 


Click here for the printable GTCC 2016-17 Meeting Calendar


November 2016
Reading Committee Meeting 3D International
Great Falls
Mathematics Committee Meeting 3D International Great Falls
Guidance & Counseling Committee Meeting 3D International Great Falls



Web Resources, Grants and Other News...


The North Central Montana Mathematics Teachers Circle will meet Friday Oct 14, 5:00 – 7:00 pm in the University of Great Falls Library. Like last time, participants will receive 2 OPI renewal credits, a stipend of $50, and one night’s lodging if you live more than an hour away from the Great Falls area (~50 miles or more). We will serve a light supper like that provided at our last meeting.


The topic for this meeting is “The mathematics of voting and elections” … ‘tis the seasonJ  Come and have some fun being math people together. 


To register, go to the Montana Mathematics Teachers Circle website, take the Sign Me Up link, and enter your information. Alternatively, just RSVP . In either case, please do so ASAP. Hope to see you there!



Dr. David A. Thomas

Professor of Mathematics

Director, UGF Mathematics Center

Principal Investigator: UGF S-STEM Project


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