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                        By Diana Knudson        September, 2016

Welcome to a Great New Year!


We had a great summer at GTCC.  Our Summer Institute was a huge success thanks to the great trainers and the enthusiastic teachers and administrators who attended. Thank you so much for choosing us for your summer professional development.  Remember, we post our summer offerings April 1 each year.  It is never too early to register after that date.  Many of our classes close quickly as maximum numbers are reached.  


Our New Teacher Orientation in August is one of my favorite days.  I am always renewed as I meet 40 new teachers to our coop.  Many are experienced teachers, but the majority will be first-year educators.  The obvious excitement and anticipation of this group gives me great hope for our profession.  They are so engaged, so interested, and so inspiring.  This year we are extending our New Teacher Orientation to a three-day meeting.  We will meet September 26 at the 3D to continue with issues and questions that will make life easier in a complex career choice called “teaching.”  To attend this meeting, contact Brianna and get the OK from your administrator.


A truly exceptional day dawned August 22 for 460 teachers and administrators who welcomed Dr. Marcia Tate at the Heritage Inn.  GTCC brings in a national speaker every other year for a back-to-school message.  Dr. Tate’s whole presentation was a welcome back to school.  I have received so many messages of “thank you” from teachers and administrators who attended.  We have never had such a positive response to this day.  Again, I thank all the educators who attended.  If your school has not been a part of this day, I encourage you to start now to plan to have your whole faculty attend August, 2018.  Many requests have been to have Marcia Tate back with Shouting Does Not Grow Dendrites.  Her blog is  She has many published books that can be ordered on Amazon.  She is the best.


We will begin curriculum revision for math and reading this fall. It has been five years since we received new state standards for reading, math and writing.  Writing will take place in 2017.  We will continue with our 2nd year work on the area of School Counselor.  We need you.  Start with making arrangements with your superintendent and then register with Brianna.


Time for a drawing.  Send your name to Brianna, which will tell us you have read the Golden Apple.  Your name will go in the hat for a drawing at the end of September.  You could receive notification that you will receive a $100 gift card.  We love and work to reward our teachers.




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