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            By Diana Knudson                                                 April 1, 2015



Happy April Fools’ Day, but it is no prank that the Golden Triangle Summer Institute is now open.  We have a line up of excellent workshops.  Many are offerings we have had before, but many are also brand new titles with brand new presenters.  I work to keep a balance and give you great options for the 2015 summer.  Go to the 2015 SUMMER INSTITUTE and register on-line.  The directions are clear and signing up should be painless.  If you have any trouble, call Brianna at 406-434-2745 or e-mail


I was browsing through a pile of Educational Leadership Journals I have kept through the years because I know the “important” articles” will not go out of style.  I ran across an October, 2004 journal with one word stamped across the cover—WRITING.  It is interesting because at that time we had one common model for what makes good writing—The Six Traits Model.    It is also interesting because we still have what I consider to be the “best” model for what makes good writing.  And that model is The Six Traits Model.   We have yet to find an approach that addresses the need for a common language about quality writing better that the Six Traits of Writing Model.  A group of teachers who believed in giving students an active role in assessing their own writing developed the Six Traits model in the 1980’s.  I represented the Golden Triangle at a training in Cannon Beach soon after.  This week long class turned out to be the first 6 Trait Class for teachers, and I was there along with four or five others from our coop.  We then came back and modified the training manual and instruction for our coop schools.  We are still offering 6 Traits classes and with good reason.  Your school will never totally come together with a strong emphasis on writing where all the teachers understand what makes good writing until you are all trained in a process that gives you all a “common language.”  All of our writing classes emphasize 6 Traits, and Noel Osterman will teach a two-day 6 Traits’ class in July.  Bev Flaten, another of our summer trainers, is an international 6 Traits trainer. 


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May 2, 2015
Google Apps Festival,  Missoula Style is a day-long event focused on the implementation and integration of Google Tools into an educational setting. This one-day event promises to be a high energy, fun-filled experience with plenty of opportunities for participants to learn, share, and connect with others. Workshops presenters include Google Certified Teachers, Certified Google Educators, administrators, and local teacher rockstars. Sessions will cover all levels of expertise, so whether you are a Google newbie or tech ninja, there will be workshops to meet your needs. Don’t wait, get signed up today.

Grant Opportunity for Music, Drama, or Library

Please notify Music Instructors, Drama coaches, and/or Librarians within your district.

The Montana Masonic Foundation (MMF) would like to offer an opportunity to enhance educational opportunities for Music, Drama, or Library students.  Grants of upwards of $2500 will be awarded to approximately six Montana school programs to improve student achievement in these targeted areas. Please complete the MMF Grant application available at this link:


Please direct inquiries to:
Thom Chisholm, Superintendent Plains Public Schools
Mobile Phone -- 406-396-9208
Email --

In the fierce competition for funding, here's how you can make your application rise to the top.
7 Proven Strategies for Winning Ed Tech Grants

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