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        By Diana Knudson                                             April, 2016



·     I posted this before but REALLY want all of you to use it.  Google Smarter Balanced Library. If you have not looked at the Smarter Balanced Digital Library, you are in for a great big, positive experience.  Your school administration can get you in.  The library is found on the Smarter Balanced website, and your password has been shared by OPI with your school.  If you have any problem contact Pam Birkeland at OPI (  IT IS A DIGITAL LIBRARY STOCKED WITH MORE THAN 2600 RESOURCES that have been strictly vetted for excellence, and it is free to Montana educators.  All 2600 resources are tied to the Montana Common Core Standards and feature instructional videos, lesson and unit plans, and other tools submitted by teachers.  “An example is an animated instructional module showing an 8th grade math teacher leading a discussion about the Pythagorean theorem.  She sees from her students’ work that they don’t fully grasp how irrational numbers can be used to express the lengths of triangles’ sides.  The segment follows her as she pinpoints this misunderstanding and facilitates a discussion among the students to bring light to the idea.  The 10-minute module was designed to show how a teacher can identify and act on evidence of students’ learning, a key principle of formative assessment (Education Week, vol. 35, no. 12, Nov. 11, 2015. pp. S8-S9).


·     Our Summer Institute will be published April 1.  We have a great line up of summer classes running into August this year because the semester for MSU-N does not end until August 12 so we were able to run our classes a little later than usual.  So if you have June or July conflicts, check August, too.  We hope to see all of you there.  You can register on-line.  Go to and click on the Summer Institute—it is easy to go from there.  Call or e-mail Brianna if you have any questions or problems.



·     OPI has a new Learning Hub with many free, on-line classes for teachers.  It features a great variety of classes with more being added all the time.  Search Learning Hub on OPI’s website.  I am so excited about the way OPI is organizing and reaching out with good resources.


·     Contest this month.  Our winner of the Golden Triangle teacher appreciation prize of a $100 gift card is Cassi Smith of Deer Lodge Elementary. E-mail your name to Brianna to enter it into the hat for a drawing April 30.  Win a $100 gift card if your name is drawn.  I am constantly trying to spread our readership for our Golden Apple and website information. Tell your friends to take advantage, too.  Thank you.  Diana




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Upcoming Committee Meetings & Events... 
April 2016
Summer Institute Registration Opens  
Committee Meeting
3D International Great Falls
Spring Leadership Meeting Hampton Inn Great Falls
Writing Education for Learners and Leaders Workshop Shelby Public Schools Shelby



Web Resources, Grants and Other News...


A Leadership Academy for MT Writing Teachers Workshop in SHELBY, APRIL 30th.
Come join area teachers for an exciting day of diving deep into the Montana Common Core Standards (MCCS) for Writing. This day will be the start of a leadership journey that will support you in enhancing your own teaching practice, as well as becoming a leader and advocate in your local and state-wide community. You will meet other teachers and form a collaborative team to support and enhance your own teaching practice. Teachers from all content areas are welcome.  You will receive a $100 stipend and OPI Renewal Units.

When: Saturday, April 30, 2016. 10:00am-3:00pm

Where: Shelby Public Schools
Who: 6th-12th writing teachers- all grades/content areas welcome.
To Register:  Presenter: Christy Mock-Stutz, OPI

For more information Contact: Christy Mock-Stutz  406-444-0736



Move Ahead in Mathematics and Science Leadership – apply for MSP-LEAD! 
MSP-LEAD will prepare and support a select group of potential leaders representing mathematics and science, spanning grades 5-12, and widely located across the state.  Applications accepted until March 31st. Click on the following link to apply.


The New Formative Assessment Tool

For a limited time, Measured Progress is offering one free middle school STEM Gauge™ item set to use in your classroom to see how it can help you integrate the three dimensions of Performance Expectations. This formative assessment tool provides 15 topic-based item sets based the NGSS*.

You can choose your free item set on one of three topics:

With your free topic set, you will also get access to our Teacher's Guide and Formative Support Tools so you can really engage your students in formative assessment practices around the topic of your choice.  

Learn how STEM Gauge can help you.


Little River Institute Indigenous Education Conference: April 28-29, 2016.  MSU-N, Havre. Register now at



Check out the new additions to OPI's Teacher Learning Hub at the following:   Learning Hub.



Reading skills and speed reading programs offered online this summer for Preschool - High School students.  Offered through the UofM, designed and taught by instructors from the Institute of Reading Development.

Phonics - Comprehension - Fluency - Textbook Study Skills - Speed Reading - Love of Reading

For more information or to register call 1-800-964-9974.

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