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            By Diana Knudson                                                 May 1, 2015


Here we are facing May again.  How does that happen so quickly?  I am sure April has been interesting for most of you.  I am sure you all have SBAC stories to tell.  I truly feel bad that the test has run into problems of delivery.  Just remember the strong standards we are now calling New Montana Standards for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Language, and Math are still doing the best job possible leading us in the direction that will help our students the most.  And another interesting observation—we will already start the revision for math and reading the year after next.  That is the first revision for the common core ELA and Math already.  Time flies!


I believe we need a contest.  Send your name to Brianna saying you have read the Golden Apple for May.  We will put it in our hat and draw a name May 31.  The lucky winner will receive a $100 gift card.


Do not forget to register for our summer classes.  Many are filling up.  As always, we want to give you great choices, but we also need you to sign up and be a part of our summer movement.


My new favorite book, Authentic Learning in the Digital Age by Larissa Pahomov, states that when an education is content-based, the primary skill being practiced is memorization:  you learn it, you repeat it, and you have shown mastery of the information.  If we ask students to memorize content that will never be applied to a task, they quickly forget.  The use of technology  shines a light on this weakness in education because it makes that basic content incredibly easy to access.  When students are liberated from the monotony of memorization, they have time to learn the deeper frameworks and contexts that give facts and figures meaning (Pahomov, Authentic Learning in the Digital Age, 2014).  This book then jumps right into a model for using technology that comes from the scientific method.  It is inspiring and totally doable.   Great Summer Read.  ISBN#978-1-4166-1956-7


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Grant Opportunity for Music, Drama, or Library

Please notify Music Instructors, Drama coaches, and/or Librarians within your district.

The Montana Masonic Foundation (MMF) would like to offer an opportunity to enhance educational opportunities for Music, Drama, or Library students.  Grants of upwards of $2500 will be awarded to approximately six Montana school programs to improve student achievement in these targeted areas. Please complete the MMF Grant application available at this link:


Please direct inquiries to:
Thom Chisholm, Superintendent Plains Public Schools
Mobile Phone -- 406-396-9208
Email --

In the fierce competition for funding, here's how you can make your application rise to the top.
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