May 2018


Golden Apple                                                   

          By Diana Knudson

The new Summer Institute is up on our website with a line-up of great workshops.  I work to select twenty plus classes each year with presenters who model good teaching strategies and are eager to work with all of you.  More than anything, the summer classes have always been a time for our rural teachers to get together, share their own experiences, and come away with many new ideas.  It is a time to meet old friends and make new ones; a time to build relationships with others who teach what you teach.  Opportunities for anything like the Golden Triangle Summer Institute are far and few between anymore.  On-line classes can be great, but they will never give the benefits that we have when we can get together and fine-tune what we are doing.  It is all about relationships.  Many of you have become presenters and darn good ones with opportunities to teach a class in the summer.  I am looking forward to our summer together.  If you have not taken a class before, give it a try.  It is hard to explain the magic that happens if you have never been part of the Summer Institute.

I wish you all a great summer with time for family, hobbies, and vacations.  I thank all of you for your participation and hard work in our revision meetings during the year.  I am proud to partner with all of you to give our students a great education.