Golden Apple February 2019


          by Diana Knudson

Hello Everyone

          I did miss my January article if you were looking.  I had just turned in my letter of resignation to Golden Triangle and have spent a month hoping I have made the right decision.  It is always difficult when we get to the end of anything in our lives, and GTCC has been as much a part of me for thirty years as has been my family.  The titles of teacher, principal, trainer, and director have been my identity for 40 years in this business.  I have loved working with all of you, but most of all I have loved becoming a friend to so many of you. 

            Our teachers and administrators in this area of Montana are so caring and want only the good for our 11,000 students.  You are all doing your part to set our students up with values, good work ethics, and academic prowess. 

            I want to say thank you to all who have been so gracious to invite me into schools and attend the offerings from Golden Triangle.  I will continue to write this article for the next few months and would like to reiterate some of my strong beliefs about education—my soapbox in other words.  The first of those is that nothing happens with any child until a relationship is built between teacher and students.  Sometimes that does not happen overnight, but it will happen with patience and the offering of love even for the child that is the hardest to love.

            Thank you for all the memories you have given me.  What a treasure to have been able to work with all of you.  This message may sound like what you would expect in June, my last month, but I need to say these things now.   Golden Triangle has been a great vehicle to cement so many good friendships.  I hope you will stay in touch.

            On that note, we should definitely have a drawing at the end of February.  You know the routine—send Brianna your name and we will enter it.