Golden Apple Monthly Newsletter

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September 2019
Volume 1
Issue 2

By: Alyssa Cliver
Golden Triangle Curriculum Cooperative Director

“You must do the things you think you cannot do.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Back to school brings excitement. Teachers are eager to practice a new teaching strategy, support students in their learning, and make a difference. Kids are eager to meet their new teachers, make new friends, and learn all that they can. But, back to school brings nerves as well. Teachers are nervous about moving through all of their content, reaching all of their students, and a plethora of other stressors that come about as a result of being an educator this day in age. These stressors are common, but they don’t have to be the demise of our school year. We must build relationships with our colleagues, our students, and their families which will then in turn support everyone’s success.

These relationships are where the Golden Triangle comes in! The Golden Triangle Curriculum Cooperative can offer professional development, implementation support, professional materials, and other resources to help educators be their best; in turn supporting and educating Montana’s students to be their best! 

As the Director of the Golden Triangle, my number one goal is to support educators to be their best and feel connected to their work. One of the many supports that I can provide is Professional Development. Below is a list of the Curriculum Workshops that I can come to you and provide (or provide electronically) at any time. I can tailor professional development to your needs; working individually or in groups, adding time or reducing time, etc. Our goal is to ensure success for all educators, staff, and students in our member schools. Contact me if I can support you in kicking off your 2019-2020 school year! If you have needs that are not addressed below, please reach out to me, so that I can brainstorm ways to give you the support that you need. 

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Alyssa Cliver

Golden Triangle Curriculum Cooperative Director

1010 Oilfield Avenue

Shelby, MT 59474

Office (406) 424-8901 ext. 2104

Mobile (406) 239-1437

Golden Triangle Curriculum

Cooperative Workshops

The following are the topics that I can present in your schools to teachers individually, in small groups, or whole school.

The offered trainings are a part of your membership dues. If there are other topics that you would like to see, please contact me.

I can also support administrators, teachers, staff, schools, and districts with grant writing/locating grant funds.

  • Assessment

    • Navigating SBAC and SBAC Practice Tests (K-12)

    • Testing Strategies to Motivate Students During Standardized Testing (K-12)

  • Classroom Management

    • Using “Class Dojo” As A Classroom Management and Parent Communication Tool (K-6)

    • Using Google Slides As A Classroom Management Tool (K-12)

  • Math

    • Incorporating Cooking Into Your Math Classroom (K-12)

    • Math Intervention Strategies to Improve Student Achievement (K-8)

    • Using Screencastify to Explain Your Thinking (K-12)

  • Planning & Organization

    • Lesson Study: Collaborative, Professional Learning to Improve Instruction (K-12)

    • Long Range Planning (K-12)

    • Managing Data & Student Information (K-12)

    • Planning & Preparing For A Guest Teacher: Tips, Tricks & Templates (K-12)

  • Reading, Writing, ELA

    • Intro to Daily 5: CAFE, Conferring & Guided Reading (K-6)

    • Reading Intervention Strategies to Improve Student Achievement (K-8)

    • “Alligator Speech” Templates for Strong Narrative/Persuasive Speeches (3-6)

    • Using Novel Studies & Author Studies in Your Classroom (K-8)

  • Social Studies/History

    • Using Travel Brochures to Engage Hands-On Learning (K-12)

  • Standards

    • Intro to Montana State Standards (K-12)

    • Montana State Standards and Golden Triangle Curriculum (K-12)

  • Technology

    • Chromebooks 101 (K-12)

    • Chromebook Projects (K-8)

    • Google Classroom 101 (K-12)

    • HyperDocs: Students Guiding Their Own Learning (K-12)

    • Screencastify: A Chromebook Extension with a Million Possibilities (K-12)